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Originally Posted by DiabloADV View Post
Is there such a thing as a PM alternator for an airhead?

My CL175 has one and it works pretty good. I put a new reg/rec on it and it pumps out the volts and will idle with all the lights on and my GPS plugged in. And that's with a capacitor; no battery.
Yes, this, it's based on the Ducati alternator. I worked as a mechanic at a BMW dealer. I have a bunch of failed BMW rotors and a few diode boards from that job. I was also a mechanic for a Ducati dealer. The only issues I saw on their charging systems were poor connections between the alternator and regulator/rectifier on older models causing high resistance and poor charging. We'd replace the connector with crimped connectors or solder and that took care of the issue. I did see a bad regulator on a brand new 1098 once. It didn't charge.
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