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well I found the culprit! That is what I get for parking the bike on dirt next to a freshly built wooden fence!

Well at least I found it at home so I could try the road side repair without any pushing of the beastie back home

With probably over 200,000 miles I have had the fortune of only have a few flats where a road side repair was needed. So this was all new to me. The lesson, buy better kit the cheap shitty plug kits are shitty, big surprise huh

So lets make the tiny hole a bit bigger

Now lets try and stuff that slimey string into the hole, wow that was tough, the tire is small enough that I thought I was going to pop the bead by trying to push the damn thing in, turns out the string pushy thing I had on th ekit for the scoot was a bit of a weird shape, I pulled the one of the GS's Kit and that worked much better. just a bit slimmer fit.

trim off most of the excess

now being with somewhat limited space in the kit, I opted for the mini co2 deal

If I had used the GS's plug fitter first I won't have lost as much air from the tire so perhaps they would have done a better job. With the tire void of most of it's air, it took 3 cartridges and I got a whooping 20psi out of it. Enough to perhaps make a some mile to a gas station or the like I suppose.
Used the gs kit with a compressor to fill up the rest. Blasted around the yard a few times to see if it held ok.
Will test the pressure in the morning and take a wee ride perhaps before I get my new rubber put on.
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