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Help! Engine suddenly rattling like it's wasted

All, would post this in the "Tiger 800 problems" but I don't know yet if I have a problem (though I'm pretty sure I do).

I've got a 2012 Roadie, about 3 months old, and just a tad over 2500 mi. Relatively babied on break in, got the 600 mi. service from the dealer at about 700 mi - which included all the normal stuff with no outstanding issues.
I ride the bike on a 56 mile RT commute every day, and vary my speed quite a bit since it's highway stop and go and lane splitting. Today is Friday and on Wednesday morning I started it up and it sounded clackity, from the top of the motor.
It's gotten worse every moment since and I just swung by the dealer and have an appointment on next Wed. to have the dealer mechanic pull the valve covers off and have a look - cam, valves, timing chain, etc.

It sounds like a bike that's run outta oil, but the oil level is spot on. I check it pretty religiously. No residue in the tail pipe, just a tiny bit of carbon. This, plus the fact that the oil level has never changed leads me to believe I'm not burning or losing oil. The clack is so loud, my decidedly non-mechanical wife can hear it plain as day.

I'm pretty worried since it sounds like ass, and I absolutely LOVE the bike. I won't ride it again until I have to take it to the dealer - which is unfortunately about a 25 mile fwy. ride, so I'm just gonna stew and fret.

Any insights from the peanut gallery?
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