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Unfortunately even attached images here are lost time by time...

Triangular links are same between RD03 and RD04 as well as their placement (against frame mounts) on swingarms of RD3&RD04 are same also (but total lengh of swingarms is different).
RD07 have different triangular link as well as placement on swingarm is also different, so, to get proper progression curve you have to use RD07 triangular link and swingarm.

But RD03 and RD04 parts you can mix freely.

What is totally same- U-link- AT's and 600cc TA's share same part.

I would not suggest to use TA triangular link on AT's swing- most of wheel travel is on progression curve's beginning, suspension feels very soft....

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No problem. It hasn't been that long sense I read this whole thread, and lucky, I did take some notes (my memory's not that good). Still can't find the pictures ravelv took of the three arms and links. So, I'm guessing I still need the RD04 triangular link part to go with the RD04 swingarm ???
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