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Originally Posted by dakdakdave View Post
Do I really have to? The things are 10 bucks each FFS. Do some research,buy em fit em and try it out for yourselves. Why does everyone have to defend their decisions on this site? cheeeesh.
Sorry pal, generally I understood this thread to be about testing things that aren't used as intended (such as converted dual sports). Tried and true vs. having a fan that fries itself.

I didn't expect such an easy favor to become a major task to you. It was more of a tried-and-true thing that I, and I'm sure others, would use vs. defending anything. But hey, if you're all about others maybe picking a bad brushless fan model that may not hold up to water as well as yours, throwing away $10 or $20, and getting stuck with no cooling out on the roads and trails, then I say fuck it - we suckers deserve to learn the hard way, too.


Such a wrong thread for that attitude, lol.
"After reading through this thread I've come to the conclusion
that more people cruise the internet looking for reasons why
X bike won't work in Y scenario rather than actually riding
their motorcycles
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