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It's alive!

After messing around for an hour here and there for past few weeks my TA is back to life.

Few pages back I mentioned that I discovered an enrichment plunger/plug/cylinder (what ever it is called) that had the rubber boot separated from the plastic nut. the cable was full of crap that wasn't allowing it to open and close smoothly.

I scrubbed, cleaned, and lube'd the cable so it now moves freely.

I put carbs back in, hooked everything up, hit the starter, and ..... nothing! Engine was trying to turn over but wasn't catching. Pulled the front plugs and they were wet. Damn I thought - seems to be flooding. Pulled carbs back out, checked them over, measured float heights, etc. Everything looked fine so put back in, hooked up, hit starter, and .... nothing, except wet plugs again.

Decided it couldn't be the carbs ... almost like I'm getting no spark. Pull the rear cyl plug, check for spark - nothing. Pull the front cyl plug ... nothing. Kill switch perhaps.

Removed the switch assembly harness and check the switch, which was making proper contact. Check wire continuity and find nothing through one wire (the black with white stripe which loops to the cdi). Checked for continuity inside the switch and at the outside solder tab - still nothing. About half way down the wire harness was ~4 inch of electrical tape. I peeled the tape off and saw three wires that had heat shrink on them. Sometime in the past 25 years these wire were cut and "repaired".

I cut the shrink off the kill switch wire and see the following:

Pics are a bit blurry, but there is not a drop of solder on the splice. If it was there it had long since deteriorated. the wires had a very loose single wrap to them and was barely making contact.

Cut the shrink off the other two wires. Here is the best join of the three.

Tracked down some 18ga wire in a few close colours, cut section out of wire, scrubbed off the oxidation, soldered a few inline splices, new heat shrink, new section of cable covering.

Went out to shed this morning, plugged everything in, turn on key, barely move the choke cable (out about 1/8th), hit the start button .... instantly started and idled along. Gave a bit of throttle, rev'd up without issue.

Needless to say I am very happy this morning. Unfortunately in middle of a storm right now so am going to wait to put everything back together and go for a test run.

I've had the carbs in and out so many times in the past 3 weeks that I'm sure I can do it blindfolded now. I ordered a couple of #40 slow jets which ended up on back order. After getting carbs back in last weekend for the 10th time, I get a call on Tuesday that they were ready for pick up .... I think this will be a fall project now.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me along directly with ideas of things to check (as well as all those providing tidbits of info in the previous 890 pages).



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