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BALKANS INSURANCE (Green card) - border insurance prices and experiences

As most will find when they take their bike to the Balkans they may need to buy border insurance (green card insurance) as most insurers these days wont extend the insurance beyond Croatia. I have found differing information everywhere in regards to this and thought I would start a thread so that everyone can get an idea for what they are in for. It seems that everyone has varying experiences but some area also paying 50 euro while others are paying 10 euro for the same cover. If everyone knows about what the going rate is, could help when bargaining at the border and keeping overall costs down.

This will be a thread constantly updated, if anyone wants to post theirs so I can edit and add them to the list that would be great. Plus if you got past the border without paying for insurance, please post so we can list which border crossing that was. I expect that experiences will change depending on the mood of the border officer of the day but over time if we can work out the best places to cross the borders it would save inmates a lot of cash. Over the next fortnight I will be crossing all of these so will be adding my experiences plus I am adding in a few from the research I have done.

By all reports you should not have to pay more than 100 Euro in Insurance fees to visit all the Balkans countries.

If you are looking for cheap green card insurance for the EU member countries (does not include Balkans) see this thread.

Please post, Country crossing into, Location crossed at, Price and date crossed.
Prices per bike.

- 12.40 Euro for 15 days, crossed from Montenegro near Ulicnj, date unknown.
- Waved through free, from Greece, Sagiada/Konispol, Early 2012.
- Waved through free, from Montenegro, on the north side of lake Skada, Bozaj/Hani i Hotit, 12/06/2012
- Waved through free, Debar / maqellare border, October 2012.
- Waved through free, South of Leskovic, August 2013.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
- 10 Euro (7 days cover) - 08/06/2012 - crossing from Croatia at Metkovic
- crossing through small section of coastline to get to Dubrovnik from Split, no green card required
- 36 Euro (7 days) - Aug/Sep 2012 - crossing at Brod in North - on Sunday made it difficult to buy insurance.
- 21 Euros (3 days cover) - Aug 2013.
- 21 Euros (3 days cover) - From Montenegro at Vilusi, just east of Niksic

No longer need - part of the EU, if you have coverage for the EU, you have coverage for Croatia.

Kosovo[a] - Here is the official page. Looks like you get out for around 13 Euro for a bike for a short trip.
- 15 Euro for 7 days, paid in Euro - from Macedonia near Shkolla on M3/E65 from Skopje, 23/06/2012
- 15 Euro - date unknown.
- 15 Euro - Aug/Sep 2012 - crossing at Rožaje, Montenegro

- 50 Euro for 15 days- from Albania, near Librazhd (Lake Orchid), date unknown.
- 50 Euro for 15 days- from Albania, as above SH9 crossing, 16/06/2012
- 50 Euros, Kymenichka / Uzem border, October 2012
All reports are that it is 50 Euros for Macedonia


- Waved through free (very nice border officer with good English said 'don't worry about insurance'), From Bosnia (from Sarajevo) on E762, near Hum, headed towards Zjabliak, 10/06/2012
- 10 Euro for 14 days, From Croatia Near Plolice (E65), date unknown
- Waved through free, From Albania at Muriqan/Sukobine crossing, early 2012.
- Waved through free, sukobin / Muriqan border, October 2012.
- 10 Euro - Aug/Sep 2012, crossing From Dubrovnik.
- Waved through free, Near Vermosh, August 2013.


Reports coming through that you no longer need green card insurance if you have EU insurance. See these threads We will see how this comes into practice when crossing border in a week from now.
- Waved through free, from Macedonia, on the E-75/M1 near Tabanovce, 24/06/2012, Didn't even ask to see the papers for the bike.


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