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Let's try this again. My browser decided to shut down right as I was clicking "Submit Reply" and it will NOT open the page that had everything. Grr... I think I'd rather do another mod than trying to fight with technology.

Ok. Like I was trying to say, it has been a while since my last post, but we have been busy! I got my crash bars in from Belgium and they are a LOT beefier than the SW Motech ones looked, BUT we also found out why they were so cheap. The angles were a bit off. Time to modify!

Then we made a tool box (actually, the tool box came first, but I didn't have a solo picture of it, so you get both)!

The next weak spot on the bike was the forward protruding oil filter directly behind the front tire. On road it is not an issue (unless you are doing sustained wheelies, in which case you will starve your engine of oil and it will no-no-go-go), however, off-road it could mean a long walk. We don't have any chopping implement big enough to cut through diamond plate in the dimensions we needed, so... TIME TO PLAY WITH FIRE! Seriously though, playing with fire is BAD. We only use it as a valuable tool.

Yep. Evil scientist in the shop!

Pretty sparkles! After everything was cut, it was time to weld again.

And then grind...

After we primered it, we had to drill the holes for the U-bolts to attach the rock guard to the crash bars.

Here it is fitted to the bike before painting and grinding off the excess threads.

The top expanded metal was painted with the same hammered finish silver paint that I used on the radiator guard. The side angle iron got a coat of hammered black paint. And the bottom diamond plate was rubberized to provide a bit more protection from rocks.

I got a headlight guard and painted it black (because it came in chrome and just didn't look right), and my mother in law got me a ridiculously early B-day present, so we fitted those to the bike as well. Here is what it looks like now:

On the way I have new tires, a water rotopax, and a windscreen! Hopefully in a few days I can bolt it all together and have it off-road worthy!!!

Thanks for following the progress!
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