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The fun continues.

I got around to installing a #40 pilot jet and the Honda upgrade jet needle/air mixture screw kit that I had lying around for years. It's the same upgrade that Taxonomy posted in his Reflex jetting fix thread. I bought a #100 main for it, since the smallest jet I had that would fit was a #130. A bit big.

I had installed the pilot jet before heading off to Sipapu last weekend for our June event. The off-idle response was noticeably more crisp. Earlier this week I had replaced the air mixture screw. Even more crisp. Today I dragged out the needle kit -

Old needle on the right, new on the left. After installing it, I replaced the main jet with the #100 I bought. I was more than a little surprised to find a #82 main in the carb. OE jetting was a #92. No wonder this thing was so weak. After the carb work, I removed the airbox restrictor -

Bolted the tank back on and went for a little testride. WOW what a difference! MUCH better off-idle power, and the sound from the air rushing into the unrestricted airbox when I open the throttle sounds really cool. Ran it 'till it was good-n-boiling hot (not too hard to do on a 95-degree day) and 'ol OJ never even hiccuped.

I did notice a bit of a concern while I had the tank off. Looks like the frame tubes welded to the upper spar coming up from the engine cradle/swingarm mount are developing cracks -

I'll break out the welder next weekend and remedy that situation. The good news is that the footpeg mounts held up nicely to what turned out to be a brutal weekend for the ol' bike. OJ got beat up pretty well by the log crossings and "V" rock gates that not only scraped up the new footpeg mounts, but also stopped the bike solid on one particular obstacle. That, and a SPECTACULAR backflip (OJ spun over 2-1/2 times!) on a hillclimb section (WAY too much throttle in second gear, never saw the bump hidden in the grass that sent the front end skyward) that resulted in....this -

Yup, broke the front fender. It was possibly the very last "in the package" brand-new fender in North America.

Even with all the carnage (and exceptionally poor riding on my part), OJ still managed to win both days and get the Overall -

All the Overall competitors got a nifty Sipapu ski area sweatshirt and button. I got the button and a half-pound of homemade fudge courtesy of the ski lodge. I enjoy the fudge a lot more than I would the sweatshirt, and I have to admit I really like the chintzy button.

All that being said, don't read too much into the win. I was the lone competitor in Twinshock, with Lineaway's Montesa having crunched a crank bearing the day before the event, and the rest of the Twinshock competitors not even showing up to Sipapu. I really don't like competing in a class all by myself. That's not competition, it's just a ride so my scores really suffered. My head was just not in it. However since Lineaway is like 4 times a better rider than I will ever hope to be, I am going to selfishly take the points. I turned down the trinkets for each day's win (if you could call it that), and had some homemade fudge instead. I predict that Lineaway won't be down for long, though. I'm going to enjoy being ahead of him in points while I can.

Anyhoo I celebrated OJ's overall by polishing up the 'ol wretch, and giving the seat a new coat of duct tape. The old "cover" was starting to look pretty ragged -

Lookin' good. Better, anyway -

The more improvements made, the better it gets, I'm starting to ponder hootchy-ing up 'ol OJ. Miss Bitters votes no, it would tarnish OJ's scruffy image. I'm not convinced. Not yet anyway. We'll see.

More to come!
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