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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
sounds like maybe you didn't get the tongue piece located properly, and it cracked after having weight applied for a while?

tough to know from your description, but I know the basic arrangement you're talking about. I've had my seats on and off a dozen times, and haven't had any trouble getting it in the right place - but you do kind of slide it forward and feel it go into place.

I rode mine home from the dealer on Thursday night, and today (Saturday) I dropped it back off with 560 miles on it for the first service.
Lunch ride to Steamboat Springs with a couple of riding buddies.

It took a long day on the bike to really be able to form an opinion on stuff so early....but man, is this thing great at covering distances at a good clip.

11,307' Berthoud Pass
How is the engine heat at speed . . . . do you feel any at all with the cyclinder heads so close to your legs? How about around town? My ST1300 was originally incredibly hot, while the GS is so cool to ride. Your Stelvio is absoultey beautiful
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