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Originally Posted by Future ten View Post
That will make a great bike, don't add too much weight upfront and low though. Steel adds up quick.
Can I send my misses to you for garage training ? Group rate maybe ? I know I can't be the only one
That thinks you're awesome. Lucky guy
Thanks! I guess I could teach the girlie side of the garage ('cause caves aren't only for men?).

Don't give up on her! It actually took me a LONG time to be comfortable in a shop and with tools, and most of that came from the absence of testosterone. I know that sounds harsh, but when I was learning to weld and wrench I would shut down when a man came near. It made me super self-conscious and all I wanted to do was get away because I thought that I was messing something up. I know, kinda crazy, but that's female psychology for ya. After a while I got more comfortable and can handle myself when the hubby is around. Still, there are times when it is better to just work alone (like when I'm trying to pop old fork seals out). She may surprise you yet!
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