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Originally Posted by frytown View Post
Huge thanks for the replies, everyone.

Yeah, it's really gotta be an oil issue as many have suggested. That's what it sounds like, but the oil level has never changed from where it is now: right half way between the two lines on the sight glass, when it was new off the lot, and after the oil was changed at the 600 mile mark. Maybe the oil is just cooked. Or my oil pump is not working properly?

I'll post what I find out in hopes of helping some other poor bastard down the road.

Wish me luck!
If the oil is cooked the level doesn't matter. The oil just runs out of the head while the bike sits. As soon as the engine spins up and the oil pump gets going it supplies oil to the head and all is relatively good. Does the noise go away after it idles for a bit?
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