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I stuck one of my 8.8 footpeg bolts in it and stole a nut off one of the upper motor mounts, until I get around to the hardware store. I broke the suspension off my truck, so the hack is the only thing I have to haul tools and stuff to work until I get the truck fixed. :P

The rest of them have 5/16 bolts with lock washers, torqued down hard with an impact wrench. I didn't think about breakage, but that does sound a little more likely. D:

Unless I just forgot to hit that one with the air wrench. :3
I personally would NOT use an impact for tightening critical fasteners. If a torque wrench is not available, it should be, then tighten by hand. It is very easy to under or over torque with an impact wrench. Too loose and it can fall off to tight and you either strip the threads or over stretch the bolt and it fails under load.

As for the lock washers I'm not a big fan of those either. I much prefer hardened flat washers and good grade lock nuts. Fine threaded fasteners also are a good choice.
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