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That's interesting, but when would you use an exploding pellet? Would it need to hit something as hard as a concrete wall to detonate? Also, it seems like a perfect way to reverse-fire the BB at the shooter...takes me back to those invincible yrs when we shot our BB guns at 22lr bullets stuck in a cardboard box (in the basement) and watched the casings bounce around the room..and the cherrybomb grenades we used to throw at each other packed with clay with bbs stuck all over it...its a good damn thing girls started looking better.

(I don't expect you to have the answers to those questions, I'm just thinking out loud).
I think I'll try to drill out some hollow points and face the bb forwards instead...I have some 28gr 22cal that would fit a shload of that powder...oh what fun!

I think hitting bone would set it off. If the powder will withstand molten lead, one could pour a seal instead of a hard bb...or just use a lead ball in that cal.

After researching homemade formulas it appears the daring could custom tune the sensitivity. but I found some basic stuff here ....
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