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Originally Posted by GeoAggie
How is the engine heat at speed . . . . do you feel any at all with the cyclinder heads so close to your legs? How about around town? My ST1300 was originally incredibly hot, while the GS is so cool to ride.
My ST1300 was a heat sink too, but that was accumulated heat from the motor soaking into the tank and not really having good venting to move the air through.

The first hour's ride was in traffic on a hot day with a new it was a bit toasty - but sitting at a light on a hot day, idling in heavy riding gear is rarely a pleasant time on any bike. This engine layout isn't really any worse heatwise than other bikes in that scenario.
Heat is heat and you want to be moving so you don't bathe in it

When moving, it's like any other bike. We covered around 430 miles yesterday and the only heat related discomfort was from wearing leathers and a heavy jacket once we got back down in elevation to 100F temps on the front range. But everyone was hot, not just me.

Originally Posted by boxermoose View Post
Not that it matters much either way - but the owners manual shows first service at 900 miles (my service icon came on today at 944 miles) or 1500km
It doesn't really matter at's a matter of timing and when I could get it done and when they could get to it.

There's no magic to the interval, you just want to give things a good look and check valve lash.
I usually do my own first services but there's a few things I want a trained Guzzi eye looking at early on (throttle body synch, valves, etc).
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