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Originally Posted by jetjackson View Post
Yeah it would depend on insurances as to whether you are covered for the country, but with nearly all British insurance companies (not sure about other EU countries insurance) you will not be covered for the Balkans (excepting Croatia and Serbia).

So I want to cover for anyone who doesn't have insurance for these countries (which will be most) - I don't think it makes a difference to border insurance prices what the country of registration is? Is there a reason the original cover on the bike would matter when buying border insurance?
The pricing of separate Green Card (minimum required third party liability only) insurance purchased at "Balkans" border crossings probably doesn't depend
on the original cover. But, there's been some confusion because some UK
underwriters of vehicle cover for UK-registered bikes have not
recognized their legal obligation to include Croatia, and more
recently, Serbia.

Separate issue: the original list above includes "Bulgaria" (BG).
That implies that some people might have to buy separate Green Card
crossing into Bulgaria.
Nobody, regardless of original registration, who already has any minimum European vehicle insurance, should have to buy separate Green Card crossing into Bulgaria, to cover Bulgaria alone.
Bulgaria, like Romania, Hungary, etc is already part of the EU, and the
Green Card system,
To avoid (that) confusion, consider dropping "Bulgaria" from this list.

Of course, for riders coming from the "East" (e.g. Turkey) crossing into Europe via Bulgaria or Greece, who don't already have EU/ Green Card cover, may have a different set of coverage & purchase/ price options at those borders.
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