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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
Oh, pardon. Hopefully all the other thousands of members who don't know chime in with nope and an animated face too. Very helpful.
Sir Johnf3,

I admit that my response to the question of if anyone had done multiple dyno runs, recorded this testing, performed real world testing both in a racing application (two 950 SE that ran the 2012 Mexican 1000 Rally) and street.... specifically "Has anyone put together a dyno run with these filters yet? Or finalized some jetting?
You know, actual useful information.", was intended to be in jest, you know, like in a kidding or playful manner. Perhaps I came across more sarcastic than intended.

I did not make any mention of this development effort by nor any product that may or may not be available from any vendors. I admit to being a owner of a business that does provide services and products for motorcycles. I am allowed by the rules of the forum, to post anywhere within this forum, provided that I, like you sir, follow the rules.

My interest, within this thread and the OC is to hopefully participate in conversations related to motorcycles and the KTM LC8.

I apologize if this interest offends you.

Have a good one.

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