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Originally Posted by marloweluke View Post
I just returned from a 5000 km road trip through BC, Washington, Oregon and down to northern California. It was pretty cool and wet half the time. The roadie did great and handled well with a medium load. I did notice the rear starts to pendulum back and forth at high speed cornering in big sweepers at 140+ km/h. I'll have to check the headstock as I hear it click occasionally to make sure that is not the cause. We were with a group of 8 guys ranging from Goldwings to CBR1000RR's. The Tiger more then held it's own. In the tighter stuff the Tiger was just great keeping pace with everything out there. I did scrape the peg feelers quite a few times, but that's it. Hanging off is necessary to prevent worse scraping. I was at the speed limit of what I am comfortable doing on the road. Buddy on the CBR1000RR trashed a set of tires riding the same pace I was, triangulated front and rear tires, cords almost showing on the way back through the Oregon desert. Madstad screen was awesome and Caribou cases kept everything dry. Don't like their weight, but you can't have it all. Mileage was good also at average 5.2 L/100km. Overall, super happy with the Roadie but would like to get rid of the high speed swaying. Will see if the headstock bearings are loose or if a rear suspension mod will be necessary. Anyone else notice the rear end swaying? BTW it also did it when I had the cases off for a couple of days so it's not just the luggage causing it.
Nice report.. just curious what you and your luggage weighed in at, and what preload setting (as a %) you use? I would agree that ground clearance is one of biggest limitations of this otherwise sporty bike.
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