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The Sand Pit

I was bombing along as usual, burnin' it up pretty good and whoa, huge sand pit through a sweeper corner. I got three quarters of the way through, started a tank slapper, and it finally pitched me off. Went flying over the bars and landed on my shoulder in the grass. I heard something crunch a little, not sure if it was my neck, back, or shoulder. It still has a little twinge even today. Nothing major though.

I was sure this was going to swallow a few of them so I laid in wait with my camera. They did not disappoint.

After awhile they started coming through and I kept motioning them to stay over in the right track, it wasn't nearly so bad. Riddler went through with a 15' sand rooster tail behind him.

Ersin was first...

Rich got mostly through and then got stopped and helped Ersin pick up. I would have but was some distance around the corner now motioning to the following riders.

Next down was Joel, helped him pick his up. Joel was a little more spectacular...tank slapper, then up over the shoulder berm, and bam...

Paul got bounced up over the shoulder too.

We had just left Sublime Point, way out to the edge of the Kaibab Plateau, right out into the Grand Canyon in a point. This place is said to have the best views of the canyon in the entire park. It did not disappoint. About 300 degrees of view.

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