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Originally Posted by East Coast Rider View Post
Thanks, Aimhi!

My main reason for asking about the MSDS is purely from an oil formulation standpoint. The bulk of manufacturers play fast and loose with the phrase "full synthetic" yet their oils are for the most part, Hydro-cracked conventional oils (termed "severely refined" on the MSDS) , and have some synthetic additive package. I'm not accusing Monarch of any trickery, I just thought it odd that they didn't have a valid link to a PDF of the MSDS on the site, that's all. I'd be curious about the oil's TBN, as well....I geuss mostly because I'm a bit of a nerd

Are the Monarch oils true PAO synthetics? Given the price, it would be a great bargain if they were!! I'd love to try it in my KLR, or my 80K mile, 30 years old Suzuki GS1100EZ, for that matter.

All that said, I'd love a look see at the MSDS if possible.
I get where your question comes from, the fact that most oil manufacturers now sell "hydrocracked" Group III regular oils as synthetic and still charge the same price as before they removed the PAO base!!!!! Starts with an M, C, P, V, Q ...... just about all of them except the SUPER expensive brands R, R, A. Not that it is bad for your engine since they still meet the requirements for your engine and wear due to robust additive packs.

I'll let the lab answer it since I am no oil engineer or "Tribologist" as John would say
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