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Wink Day 1

Whew! I'm all caught up with homework and am now posting my ride report!

Well let's see...where do I begin?

I couldn't make this trip last year due to a prior obligation but I made damn sure I could do it this year. This ride certainly did not disappoint. We had a mix of terrain - loose rocks, sand, silt, and hard pack. The company was great - Jon, John, Paul, Ersin, Chris, Aram, Frank, Joel, and Tim.

Day 1 was the toughest. It all began within the first hour of our departure.

We fueled up and headed for them thar hills...

The rocks were loose and the climb was steep. This combo made for a loooong 17-miles

During a break I snapped a few pics.

Ersin (FYYFF):

Joel (h8chains):

I continued to chug along, turned a corner and came across this. Ersin skiing through the rock garden:

I didn't snap many photos of the Elbow Canyon Jeep trail. Once I got to the top I heard a bike coming up. Paul has a BIG smile after conquering the trail

Ersin made it up not too long before us and was chillaxing on his strange butterfly balancing chair:



Joel was so spent he couldn't ride up any further so Tim was kind enough to ride it up for him. Joel said, "...puck this, I'm walking" and walked up to the top:

Onwards to the Bar 10 Ranch!

The roads from here on out were so plush with scenery it was amazing.

In the middle of nowhere Ersin got a rear flat. It couldn't of happened at a more scenic location.

While hanging out and waiting for Ersin to finish his tire a truck of these dudes asked us if everything was OK. Tim replied, "Yes". The guys said, "Are you sure?". Tim said, "Got any beer?" The dude, "Yeah! I have 3 ice cold ones you can have." Awesome! This beer certainly hit the spot. I went to my tank bag, grabbed a cigarillo especial and shared it with these guys. They were so stoked, they went to the truck, grabbed one of those aluminum hiking bottles and offered us a drink. "You guys drink fire water before?" Home made vodka! Another treat in the middle of f-ing nowhere. Niiiiice!

After Ersin's tire was buttoned up, we continued down the trail to the Bar 10 Ranch where Jon, John, and Chris were patiently waiting:

The lady making sandwiches came outside where we were all hanging out and announced she will be serving dinner soon so we better come on in and have our lunch. So we did

The kitchen staff:

After lunch Ersin got the wi-fi password from the staff, logged into and searched for Joel. The roads out here aren't marked well so Ersin switched to satellite view and got some help from the fine and helpful Bar 10 Ranch staff:

Hanging out waiting for Paul & Joel:

Behind the ranch looking towards the air strip and the Grand Canyon:


It was determined that Joel and Paul have been waiting at the old schoolhouse for the last 30-min. "...maybe they have decided not to come to the Bar 10 and are simply waiting for us?"'

We all fueled up down the road where the fuel tank was located near a horse corral. Afterwards we went back to the ranch to pay and low and behold there was Joel and Paul! Tired and hungry!

After they ate and fueled up, we hit the road to our camp for the night - Toroweap:

It was dusk when we arrived at camp so I didn't snap any photos. The next morning after breakfast we did a little exploring. This place was the most majestic camp ever. A smooth faced rock barren plain as Tim put it It was absolutely beautiful here. Just a short 15-min hike away is the canyon's edge...breathtaking!


John & Frank:







Jon taking in the view:

Chris & Frank:

And that's pretty much the end of Day 1 up to the morning of day 2.

Day 2 is coming up next...
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