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Originally Posted by Jim K. View Post
I bought my Eureka Timberline 4 man tent 22 years ago this summer. I've used it between 15 & 25 nights per year, every year, since then & loaned it out to friends on occaision as well. I believe it cost $125.00 then, not sure now. I've had to seam seal the bottom seam tape once in that time, that's the only repair ever needed. I've never been wet from rain in all those years. (I did pitch once in what I discovered was a dry stream bed, but that's another story) After 5 years or so I decided I wanted a vestibule & footprint & started looking for a new tent....until I hit Eureka's site & discovered that they make both as add-ons to my existing Timberline. I bought both, & they both fit perfectly with the tent, into the side zip waterproof bag that Aerostitch sells. It goes up quick & easy, but takes some time to fold up, especially when wet. It's absolutely palatial in terms of space & comfort,(for one) plenty of ventilation, probably too big to keep warm for winter camping, but fine for early spring & late fall. I often lust for one or another of the newer 4 season tents I see every summer, but I can't justify the expense, I honestly can't think of anything I would want that this does'nt provide.
+1 on the 4-man Eureka Timberline.

Mail-ordered mine from Cabella's in '92 and it's still going strong. Have since picked up a 2-man Eureka Backwoods (backpacking and solo touring) and a 2-man Sierra Designs four season job. It's still the 4-man Timberline that sees the most frequent use.

fwiw, Though robust, the 2-man Sierra Designs four season tent is such a pain in the ass to set up, I've barely used it.
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