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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Ok, sweet....

So if I lock the hubs on my Hilux, I can ride around shifting in-and-out of 4WD as surfaces or differences in tire rotations permit, and that's "AWD".

Uh, no.
This is like rocket science for you, apparently.

If YOU are taking it in and out of 4WD, then it's 4WD sometimes and 2WD sometimes.

If the car (be it the computer, or the differential(s), or the sprag clutch) is sending power where it sees fit, and it sometimes but not always sends the power to all the wheels, then it's AWD.

You do realize that there are sports cars which send power to the rear wheels normally, but under certain conditions they will send more power to the front wheels, right? And that everybody calls this AWD, even though it isn't always a 50/50 power split, and normally works basically as RWD?

This is VERY similar to the way that the Christini works, except the Christini does it mechanically instead of electronically.

Please have fun telling us that the Skyline GTR is NOT AWD.
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