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Duluth Part II

Pushing loaded ore cars out onto a dock.

1902 sandstone and brick Carnegie library building.

High school. No longer in use as of last year. When this was built in 1892 it was considered the finest high school in the world. It had wide halls, sweeping stairways, iron bannisters, large chandeliers, beautiful statuary, and a huge clock tower.

Union Depot. Built in 1890. By 1910 it was seeing 50 trains per day from seven different railroads.

Amsoil (synthetic oil) headquarters is in town. Hence the naming rights on this.

You can tour the ore boat Bill Irvin if you like. This boat was launched in 1937 at a cost of $1.3M. It is 610' long and 60' wide. Each hatch cover weighs 5.5 tons. It was retired in 1978 because it is too small (14K tons versus 28K tons today). It burned 2,400 pounds of coal per hour. Nine officers and 32 crewmen.

This part of town is kind of a entertainment district. When you ride past the restaurants the pleasant cooking smells get your attention.

Ran across some reserve component soldiers taking a physical training test on the sandbar. Good place for the two mile run. Nice and cool too.

An old firehouse out on the sandbar.

Airport with seaplane ramp out here as well.

The Corps of Engineers has a nice exhibit in this building by the bridge.

Back in 1870 they cut a channel through the sandbar here. In 1892 they had a contest to figure out an island access solution. The high lift bridge idea won but the war department killed it. Instead they built a transfer bridge with a gondola that could carry 350 people plus wagons and stuff that would take one minute to cross. In 1929 they ditched the gondola and made it a lift bridge.

Nice exhibits in the park near the bridge.

In 1967 some teenagers were messing around on this structure with ten to fifteen foot waves breaking on it. One was swept away. Three coast guardsmen went to rescue the boys and one of the coasties was swept away and died.

Fitgers brewed stuff around here for about 115 years. During prohibition they switched over to soda and candy bars. In 1972 they called it quits. Now the complex is a hotel, restaurant, shopping type set-up.

Back in the day.

I was looking for a bakery that was in an 1875 wooden building and found it was out of business. This interesting place was next door.

We are embarking on the North Shore Scenic Drive as we head toward the edge of town.

Very exclusive Kitchi Gammi Club organized in 1883.

If you like big mansions, you can tour this one. The Glensheen Estate is a 39 room manison that was built in 1908 for about $854K.

This 1890 federal fish hatchery is being refurbished by the University of Minnesota. In the past it produced whitefish, perch, and lake trout.

That takes to the edge of town and next we head up the scenic north shore.

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