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Originally Posted by kpt4321 View Post
This is like rocket science for you, apparently.

If YOU are taking it in and out of 4WD, then it's 4WD sometimes and 2WD sometimes.

Please have fun telling us that the Skyline GTR is NOT AWD.
Why would I do that?

Or how bout the Gallardo? With it's adjustable torque splitting center diff? Good for dialing down understeer.

And you clearly missed my analogy. Whether mechanically, computer, or MANUALLY initiated, it's NOT, ALL THE TIME like "All" Wheel Drive and it's sister "Full-Time" or "Permanent 4WD" suggest...

therefore... Not a true AWD. You can't drive a 4WD on the road without gear bind, though LOTS of "AWD" or "On Demand" systems are marketed to consumers as AWD.

So my analogy of MANUALLY placing my truck in or out holds the same. It is NOT AWD but rather On Demand. A secondary system that REQUIRES initiation or driver input to work.

Have fun telling me about AWD or 4WD systems... Because there is not one to-date I don't understand.

Go on believing "The wheel that slips, is the wheel that grips" despite knowing what open-diff LAW states.

I can school you on retarded "traction control" and the EVO-8(?) center diff too.

Some Center Diffs are lockable, some are not. Some are unable to even lock as an add-on or "mod" and are temperature/fluid (Viscous) controlled as too bumping or "humping" the other shaft connected to it for momentary "All-Wheel Drive".

Some even have a stack of clutch plates and have a driver controlled adjustability so you change it's f/r torque split (or bias) on the fly.
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