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Dear Stuck,

Does your scooter have a clutch? If not, sod off.

Hugs and Kisses,

You've probably encountered a pack of hard core classic bike riders.

There is a huuuuuge chasm between the auto scooterists and the shifty bikes, in general, though it can vary from group to group.

The cool thing is that they are the last of the old-school know-how that keeps those bikes going, and generally most of them can ride the snot out of them as well.. These are essentially the Ton-Up guys of scootering and a mentality similar ADV riders...which is why they tend to gravitate towards the Ton-Up rallys: lots of real riding, lots of social stuff that centers on figuring out how to stop oil leaks and seized pistons.

Unless they are asshats as a matter of club prerequisites....that happens, too. That may well have been the case--they're shitheads first and riders second.

Generally the groups that put the ride first will give you a bit of shit about being on an automatic, then tell you to buy the first round and all's well.

I've found that, almost to a one, the classic bike riders are VERY welcoming to those who are interested in their bikes. Show up on a KimChee Happy Flea and they'll be a bit edgy, but I suppose that's like showing up at an ADV rally on a NOS Hayabusa wearing baggy pants, fake bulletproof vest, and one of those chrome Nazi helmets.

Once you establish some cred by acknowleging their (our?) insane devotion to vintage metal scoots/culture/history , they'll welcome you no matter what you're on.

A kitted classic is a feisty thing that needs a lot of mechanical know-how to manage and a fair amount of skill to make it perform to its potential. Those that ride them pride themselves on being more in touch with the machine. I am honestly in awe of what it takes to ride one well, and tune it properly. And I"ve been riding and wrenching for 25 years.

Of course, a modern auto will blow the doors off the older scoots off the line, and you sure as hell don't want to mess with, say, an Italjet Dragster 180 no matter WHAT you're riding, modern sportbikes included. The modern autos are marvels. Period.

The last possibility is that they're so deaf from their Jim Lomas pipes and addled from snorting blue smoke that they never noticed you.
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