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The Mods Vs. Rockers Thread is a good example of the culture. Sort of a starting point.

There's some difference of opinions, but some historians say that the mods vs. rockers thing was something cooked up by the media. The different groups would clash, but not simply due to Mods-ism or Rocker-ism. Nowadays it's a great acknowlegement of a classic era.

Both were working-class groups. Current clubs still have that working-class thing going, as well as steadfast devotion to the bikes. Hard core stuff. When I got hooked up with our local Ton Up group, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these guys weren't "dressing up" for the rides, or riding Sunday bikes. Their Nortons and vintage Triumphs were oil-leaking daily drivers. They wore the Davida helmets every day and their jackets were well-worn. If you're really into motorcycling, they're totally irrestistable as a group. And the classic scoots are part of that.

Since it draws on the hard-core motorcyclists, naturally it's gonna be a bit clannish. They are as irritated by posers as we are. The emphasis is on riding, and having a certain respect for those that ride well AND manage to keep oil in the damn things.

That's why I was sorta surprised that so many people think of all scoots as being synonymous with little 49cc flea market bikes, when the classics are so much more aligned with what I considered ADV to be all about--a real sense of riding, adventure, and a good amount of mechanical savvy needed to make the adventures end up some place other than a flatbed.
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