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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Dude, you are on! Right on!
Yes, I know.

Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
The only reservations I have is when you take away the larger front hoop that lets the over-run dis-engage and as you correctly say "allow the turn-in"...
Now replace the front with a diameter that closer matches the rear and technically the two will be fighting or close (in rotation) for drive, front V. rear...
No big deal, not pooing on Christini... I just think new pilots on Supermoto type rigs need to be aware of this before they get real aggressive in their backing-it-in.
First, you have it backwards with the smaller wheel bringing the drives closer together, actually a smaller wheel lowers the drive ratio, Just like putting a smaller diameter wheel on the back of your 1 wheel drive bike will lower its top speed. That is why I have to gear the front drive higher when I change to the Supermoto wheels.

Second, what do you mean "fighting"?? You would have to get within about 95% of the rear wheels gearing before it would ever start to bind and that would only happen if turning a sharp corner on pavement. When backing it in, the rear wheel is effectively skidding, at which point the sprag clutch is free wheeling, so there is no possible interference. Have you ever raced Supermoto, backed it in, or even ridden an AWD bike? I doubt it.

Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
It can be argued that hydroplaning has almost if not the exact effects (seat of the pants on the bike) as backing it in. In a straight line, you're golden.
Now introduce steering angle, a f/r traction bias... Now add power, and the results could be an offy.
If the Christini had a diff between the front and rear, transitions in traction and power would be seamless. But as said a wheelie would stop it... And a center ltd slip or Viscous coupler might not work out on a motorcycle.
I don't know where you get this hydroplaning from, but it is nothing like backing it in. Hydroplaning is where a tire looses contact with the road because of speed through a depth of water, it has nothing to do with braking or acceleration, though it can certainly affect both. Hydroplaning can and likely will occur at different times for the front and back tire because tire width, diameter, and load are all factors. Again, backing it in is braking, if you add power, you're not backing it in.

You can't use a diff with the Christini because of the sprag clutch. The system works because you only want drive in front, not engine braking, therefore a diff will not work. The system works quite well, you should actually try riding one some time.

Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Clarification: For North America, most of the Supermoto tracks are 100% paved. In Europe, it's prolly opposite.
Pavement only, I don't think the thing will work or be worth the money at all and I think it's popularity would be placebo.
Link backs up my opinion as well.
This proves you don't race Supermoto. The definition of Supermoto is a part dirt/part asphalt track. And if you actually read the link, you would know that he thought the system was an advantage, even on a fast asphalt only track.
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