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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
The requirements are it has to be light, has to run off of CO2, and needs to be pretty because I doubt I will go back to it when I can go back to firearms in general.
I will spend up to a couple hundred....but just would rather not because not sure if it is something I will use in the long run.

Reasons are....I still want to shoot something, and I think that something with zero recoil and I don't have to cock or pump will fit in with the Dr.'s orders. It also has to be light....I am also not suppose to lift anything heavy at all. I have some pretty nice air rifles already, but they are heavy and I can't break the barrel on them....this is why the CO2 and I want it to use the standard CO2 cartridges.

All I am going to do is shoot paper, and perhaps tin cans and such.

I was thinking of the Crosman 1077...any other ideas?

Lots of plastic, but I need light....think it might fit the bill....but it is a hunk of junk?

Just wanted to add....looking and looking and there is just not a lot out there....everything that looks like it is worth a crap is brake barrel.
For something truly light I'd recommend the Crosman 2400 carbine...under a hundred bucks from Crosmans custom shop, boring accurate, hard hitting and tons of easy,cheap and well documented mods ...a really well made jewel of a gun.
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