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Great story and beautiful bike. I recommend throwing it up on the larger flea market.

Originally Posted by Assfault View Post
I'm looking to upgrade to a KTM SE or 690R
So with that being said, I'm putting my ADV bike up for sale.
It started life with me as a frame and engine shipped freight from Tennessee. I wanted to build a bike from scratch more or less, as this is what I enjoy and keeps me out of trouble for the most part with the missus. I wanted a bike that I could cruise down the interstate with, and then go explore the high mountain passes we have here in Colorado. I added a set of XR400R front end custom sprung and vavled for the addtional weight. I used a lifting link for the rear and a Progressive shock out back to handle the backside duties.
Then the wheels were added, Excels 19/17 on Rad hubs mated by Woodys with OS SS spokes. A Boatman conversion 8" Trailtech high/low headlight keeps the critters at bay in the night. Protection is important when one ventures off the beaten roads, and this example has engine gaurds, radiator gaurds, skid gaurd, HDB heavy duty setup with custom mounted Scotts Damper to keep the front end pointed straight in the rough stuff. I also added a Suzuki rear rack and pannier racks, for mounting the Pelicans I am fond of for storage. A Trailtech dash tells me my speed and I wired in indicators, in the handgaurds front and intergrated in the tailight in the rear, nothing to break off in a tipover. Yes it has been dropped, a few times since I have finished it and started riding it these past two years. The way I built it though, nothing breaks and I pick it up, and continue on my adventure. The bike sounds great, due to the full M4 exhaust system, like a pissed off badger on full tilt. But nice and mellow when in town not to attract attention.
But you will attract attention, as everybody when parked up whants to know what the heck it is, cause it ain't like anything else out there, least not stock. Little attion to details like the X-Lined fuel tank, wider footpegs, cruise control all add up to make the ride just that little bit better. I have a stock speedometer if one wants to hook it back up, but the way it is is light years better IMO.

Dont really know where to price this ADVenture bike, so all in with the three Pelicans I'll ask $6000.

I'm keeping the Spot Tracker and the Garmin GPS and mounts.
Pictures can be veiwed here

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