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Thumb Fuel Capacity...

Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post
Yeah, it appears evenly divided, but the reality is more like this for me:

My first (full) block is the largest, I often get between 70 and 90 miles out of it.
The next block is only around 40-50 miles.
The third is another larger one, often 50-60 miles.
The forth is the smallest one; 35-45 miles. And I've never tapped out the empty block, but I've put 30 miles on it and still only filled up 5.1 gallons.

Total capacity from folks reportedly running out was about 5.7 gallons.

Your experience with the gauge percentage readings pretty much is how mine works, though I *NEVER* get that good a mileage (I never get 200 miles to a tank full, ever), but just for the record...

I've gone over 40 miles with the "flashing E" going several times, but you're stretching going much further than that with mine. I went 47 miles once and it began spitting, coughing, sputtering, and trying to quit. Fortunately I was able to reverse my field and get back to a close-by gas station before it lost fire in the boiler.

That time it took 5.918 gallons to fill it up. Freaked me out so bad that it got so close to Yamaha's claimed 6.0 gallon capacity that I saved the receipt! Never had a bike that got to within all but pulling a tenth of a gallon of rated capacity out of the tank.

I usually start looking for fuel when the "flashing E" starts, and have regularly put in anywhere from 5.1 to 5.7 gallons, and the only time I came close to running out where I might have stopped is the one described above, and that's in over 16,800 miles of riding in the just over 10 months I've owned it.

Just FYI... But IMHO it's a great motorcycle and the fuel gauge works far better than many a bike I've owned.



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