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Originally Posted by h8chains View Post

lots of good vids there ersin and a funny pic......and geeeeez, aram had the best seat in the desert.....
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, i thought that was a bear!!! The funny thing is, I was looking for my board shorts forever complaining to Tim, who ended up being the wrong guy to complain to about not having swim attire- but he didn't say a fucking thing. Just waited patiently and then cruised down to the river with me when I decided I'd just wash off what I could. We find Ersin, Rich, Frank (i think), and couple fly fishermen down at the river. I find a nice rock, get my balance and start washing up.... seconds later Tim is buck ass naked wading into the water (I'm laughing out loud as I write this) like he does it every weekend. I just start busting up, realizing he sat there and listened to me whine about not having my board shorts. Hahahaha, aw man, Tim, you're a character. Consequently, we had the entire stretch of river (within view of this exceptional male specimen) to ourselves. Our guys were gone. The fishermen bolted. It was hilarious. Cheers Tim.

Originally Posted by tbarstow View Post
The river was cold, but getting clean was worth it, especially after busting my ass for 2 days of picking up KTMs.
The water felt great. Not nearly as cold as I thought it'd be, but the whole trip actually went a lot better than I thought it would! I guess there were a lot of orange bikes on the ground... That first day was the most hiking I've ever done on a motorcycle trip, but somehow it was all absolutely enjoyable. That's a lot of work trekking up and down steep, rocky roads in full gear at high elevation. And I loved it. Strange.

Tim was a champion up there. Always upbeat, positive, on to the next situation helping the next fallen ktm. I got your number Tim! .....

...figuratively speaking, or I would have been rockin like a hurricane in Reno. It was cool spending an extended amount of time with you guys-- mostly guys I had ridden with before, but this trip was waaaaaaaaaay different. An awesome, free, wide-open kind of different. I like doing my own thing most of the time, but I definitely see the value in traveling with a group of guys like this. It'll be interesting to see you guys later and see what kinds of stories will be told from these rides. Alright, enough of that. Damn it Brownie you're starting to rub off on me!

My video is being sorted and labeled for editing.......
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