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Laugh 47 miles...

Originally Posted by Animo View Post
This may be the subject of a lifetime for the Tenere. We all know the reserve warning light comes on really early and we have all ridden many miles (kilometers) after it turned on.

I have ridden 92km (57 Miles) after the empty warning light turned on, I arrived at a gas station and filled up. I had the highest gas bill I have ever had.

How fast were you going before running dry 75km later?

I was on one of my regularly daily commuting runs across the bay, running on the freeway 75-80 MPH. I had left my house with it already flashing the the "E" and already well into the "F-Countdown" odometer. It's 26 miles from my house to the the property I was going to, with a local gas station there just down the street. As I said, I already had about 30 miles showing on the "F-Countdown" odo when I left, I thought I could roll past 50+ miles...

But I couldn't.

Just past halfway over there, on the freeway, it started sputtering, etc. I bailed off the next off-ramp and caught the next u-turn, but then it really started missing and losing power, and I actually bailed off, over the grass downhill on the side of the freeway I was backtracking. I got on the access road and barely made it into a fuel station about a 1/2-mile down the road. Those last couple of miles getting to that station the best speed I could muster was about 45 MPH. The "F-Countdown" showed 47 miles when I filled up with 5.918 gallons.

It may be important to note that I ride literally all the time with my Yamaha side cases on the bike and that I have a Parabellum "medium" windscreen mounted. Also that I live in South Texas where most of the highways and freeways are marked with a 70 MPH speed limit, and you can regularly cruise 80 MPH without a problem. Many of our highways out of towns are marked with 75 MPH limits, and literally everybody runs at 85 MPH on those...

Out in West Texas the highways are marked with 80 MPH limits, and later this year we'll have a bunch marked with 85 MPH speed limits. One of the reasons I just *LOVE* Texas!



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