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Originally Posted by Photog
Dear Stuck,

Does your scooter have a clutch? If not, sod off.

Hugs and Kisses,

You've probably encountered a pack of hard core classic bike riders.
Show up on a KimChee Happy Flea and they'll be a bit edgy, but I suppose that's like showing up at an ADV rally on a NOS Hayabusa wearing baggy pants, fake bulletproof vest, and one of those chrome Nazi helmets.
Thanks Abby -

I can see this scooter thing is WAY more complicated than I ever realized.

Intellectual thugs in Converse All Stars terrorizing the local Peets Coffee. Scooters with clutches.

What is this world coming to?


Stuck in the Sunset (clutchless, as usual)

p.s. great answer to my naive question....thanks....I love the thought that little old me on my dumpy shifterless scooter is to hard core scooterists as the above mentioned 'Busa rider is to Adv types. Hilarious analogy. I will think of it while toodling around on the baby beast.
p.p.s. It sounds like the short answer to my original question is....yes.
Kirk Mn
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