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OK...watched several videos for this system now. Most of them appear to made-for-commercial kind of deals, but that 2007 enduro competition one really gave a better perspective IMO. The segment in that video that showed the rider in that horribly rocky streambed told me a lot. As a younger guy, I raced enduros for decades on all kinds of bikes. I get riding in that terrain in that streambed, and I could really tell how that front wheel pulling was changing the game for that guy. The nature of that spot totally removed a good bit of that advantage that you can often get by pulling the front end up a bit and letting it skip over the oncoming rocks on your regular single drive bike. That streambed had too much oddly spaced rock to do that without some extreme consequences if everything doesn't go perfectly. The Christini rider was maintaining a good pace, because you could tell the front wheel was not stacking and stalling into the upcoming rock faces. There wasn't anything fake or staged about that sequence...and I'm not saying the other vids were staged, but you always have that suspicion in the back of your mind.

I think I see one problem with this bike. When riding in a rocky situation like that vid, you better watch your foot placement when dabbing. When you're used to slogging more through something like that when you have to dab, you might not be ready for the rolling speed that's occurring with this front wheel drive, if you get what I'm saying. Since I don't have to race in mud anymore, I wouldn't be that impressed with how good this bike does in nasty conditions. I'd rather not ride in those conditions anymore unless I'm just caught out in a downpour. However, I see that this setup seems to do extremely well in rocky terrain or any place where loose traction becomes an issue. I know the Christini name has been around for awhile, but after researching some reviews and vids, I didn't realize how long. And I didn't read much about reliability issues and such. Judging by the amount of time this system has been around, this Christini guy must be serious about promoting it.

Man, I could see me liking something like that street legal model for my trips and riding style. I wish I knew more about that engine and suspension. I'll bet the frame is solid, but I'm not that familiar with that fork and the rear shock type was not listed in what I saw.
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