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Originally Posted by TJ Willy View Post
Just got back from a Jeep trip up the divide ( - I got through some of Wyoming before my GPS crashed. I had planned to make it through Colorado so I did meet my goals. Let me know if you have any questions...

I do want to let everyone know (in case it has not been posted yet) that between Kremmling and Hwy 134 when you are on county rd CO-6 a portion of the road was demolished a few weeks ago. It is supposed to follow Blacktail Creek north along the RIGHT HAND side of the creek. But according to locals, there was a big fuss about the logging industry using the road and it following too closely with the creek disturbing the habitat. There is a sign (that maybe taken down at some point) that says "LOGGING AHEAD". Just follow that road. It loops wide to the WEST of Blacktail Creek and will take you up to HWY 134.

My maps show it as FR-218 and it dead ends... but it does not. I believe this is the NEW CR CO-6.

The below pic shows the road that is no longer there in the rectangle. The arrow shows where you will need to turn. There is only one way to go here. It is really easy. I was in a Jeep pulling an offroad trailer so I was a little more cautious not knowing if I was going to end up in a place I could not turn around. Fuel was also 'on my mind'.

Thanks for the info! We're leaving for the GDR tomorrow and I will add this to my notes.

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