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I haven't ridden an Ossa (or any trials bike for that matter since the TR80, 349 blanca, or a last model sherpa (aka top of the line BEST dual shock bikes ever bilt). In other words, before Ossa and Bultaco shut down, ort Honda bought and shut down Montesa. But if my memory doesn't deceive me, that IS the way they are (were) supposed to be. Fifth being used to ride from zona to zona on public roads.
That's why I am following the explorer closely. If it is avaliable, and "tageable" here in PA, I will be a strong candidate to buy one. Otherwise, I'll keep looking for a 348 trail. I refuse to have to trailer or truck it. BUT, it must have a seat from factory. I want on it and off it. Couple hours and done. If I have to make a big production out of it..... Forget it.

Yes. I think the bike is a state-of-the-art tribute to those old glories :) I never have ride one of those but this seems to be a great DS .

Yes... I understand the zone-to-zone . The funny thing is that she has a 6th gear. Probalby both (the bike and myself) we need to break-in
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