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but learn from this part.!!!!!
mapnik style is made.

Allroad is DS is ADV, for motorcycles. With zooming in you see also witch tracks and paths are closed.
Open DS green line, with black borderline tracks, with brown borderlines paths. Unpaved
Closed DS red blocks,with black borderline tracks, with brown borderlines paths. Unpaved.

De Garmin version (for on a GPS and in mapsource and bascamp) have a special mkgmapstyle for DS. (motorcycles)
It is also routable, and choose more the tracksand paths.

What new tags have you made?
In OSM data to make this happen,

Or have you made only relations on the track/path (highways)parts from the trails.
searched from that other map a part with ADV track
and looked how it is tagged

I use JOSM, i like it much more, as a background you can use bing maps to line up te way.
Then you can also use your own map ( when online) as a background i use the TMS of allroadmap too

When you use common tags for..... , not adv drivers like walkers bikers, can make new tracks and path, so that not only adv driver who tag in OSM with JOSM or Potlatch 2 expand the map.

In our country we are mostly tagging.
Because of the signs
Motorcycle =no

because lots of tracks paths are drawn in by people who does not drive motorcycles.

See the online allroadmap in firefox or chrome ( IE does not work well )
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