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Thanks for the offer silgletrackslayer, I hope to be getting into some of the welding and fab in the coming months. I'll post some pictures of my efforts for some critique.
Sadly not a lot of major progress since the last upgate still just tackling one job at a time. I've been looking at houses which sucks heeps of time as well. Good news is I boutght one, even better news is it's got a big shed so I can get set up properly. Can't wait to be working off a bench for a change and have a vice plus mount my grinders ect properly. Still almost two months off yet but something to look foreward to.

I've started sorting out what's needed to make new oil lines and hoses. All the standard fittings on the frame and oil cooler are JIS a japanese standard tube fitting and not that common. I'll be cutting them all off and welding on JIC fittings a much more common and readily available type of fitting that I can get for nix from work. I have also cut up the old oil lines and removed the special ends that go into the engine. I'll get these plated and reuse them later on new hose.

I also did a small repair to the stator cover. As I mentioned early in this thread this bike was ridden on the salt flats a lot and it has eaten into the magnesium engine side covers in some areas overall it's not that bad I can just clean it up with a file and get them powdercoated, however this one needed a little clean up.


One of my last big ticket items is now sorted out as well. The tyres that came on the bike are great but not DOT approved so I had to buy new tyres. I'm going for full rego and have to take it over the pits and so needed something that would pass the inspection. I'll keep the old ones to use later or for a trip. Also went for a set of ultra heavy duty tubes.

Got these crf 450 wheels for a good price off ebay through extreme powersports Australia. My experience with these guys was great and I'll get a set of motard wheels off them as well whenever the build is finished.

Put all that lot togeather and I've got these ready to go.

I'm currently working on machining the swing arm to take the crf axle and brake this will take me a little while to get sorted, plus plenty of other smaller jobs.
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