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Originally Posted by California View Post
Here's what we need, another tag game!

But this is different. When you make the grab, you don't have to post the next tag, everyone knows that 37 follows 36, etc. etc. etc.

Here's the rules.

Get and post a picture of your bike with whatever number is next in sequence. No posting multiples, if you post "2", you can't post again until "3" is posted by someone else.EDIT! Sequential consecutive numbers are allowed if they are in the same location, same photograph, as in post #24That's all the rules, let's go! This is truly a global tag game, everybody everywhere has numbers. Think of the possibilities, license plates, model numbers, gas price signs, street addresses, speed limit signs, advertisements, there is almost no limit!

If someone just posted number "139", you'd need to post something like this.....

You can see the number "140" on the utility box top left.

I somebody else posted "458", you could post something like this to grab for number "459"
Is 93 still available?
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