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I go out every morning for a run. Every evening I take the dog out for a walk. Used to be that any time spent not running just didn't count as training. Yeah, I was one of those people you see jogging in place at a crosswalk, waiting to go across. Now that I'm more geriatric I've taken to seeing any time spent moving on my own two feet as training.

For example, yesterday was an easy day. Out for 30 minutes "running" in the morning, of which maybe 20 was actually running, the rest walking fast. Then, 25 minutes out walking the dog in the evening, again at a brisk pace. Now, I total all that up and think I trained for a total of 55 minutes yesterday. 20 years ago I would say I trained for 20 minutes yesterday.

Am I now seeing it correctly, or am I just an old fart trying to convince myself I'm doing more than I am?
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