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Originally Posted by Photog
Scooter is used for daily in-town commuter, and Sunday road trip bike. Has to have wide range of tolerance for bumper-to-bumper, and 1-hour stints on the open road. Emphasis on low end grunt and midrange; no need for extreme top end. Typical cruise at 45-50, in town and on back roads.

Here's what I've got if you're looking for a ballpark

2003 Stella
Pinasco 177
24/24G: 120 air corrector, BE4 mixer, 112 main, 50/100 idle
SIP/JL pipe
~19 deg.
3 1/4 turns out
Amsoil Dominator - autolube - will be switching to Castrol TTS
Top speed: 65+ (ind)

Pulls from a dead stop in 2nd with negligable clutch slipping, from a rolling stop in 3rd, from 10-15 in fourth smoothly, quickly, and w/o hesitation.

I'll will try to upjet a bit, and drop to the B7ES this weekend. Will post more if that tweak does anything good.

Next mods:
GS seat buildup
Halogen & LED conversion

Thinking about:
Fireball upgear kit
let's start slowly....
first of all is that a two or four stroke?
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