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Saturday was spent out at a riding park called Rocky Glen. Was raining in the morning, so it helped keep the quadtards away. Morning warmup laps through the woodsy sections were going well, until I came blasting around a turn just about to click into third, and found 2 riders coming directly at me on a 1-way trail. Did my best to avoid the first guy, but clipped him with my left arm. Got tossed to the dirt and tweaked my radiator.

Could only be so pissed at him, as the track manager is a complete idiot who does little to nothing to maintain the place, or keep trail markers up to par. It is what it is.

I went out a little after noon to ride an hour long stint on our loop we had set, and really got to buckle in. I noticed around lap 10 or so that my front end felt a little funny. I went to lean the bike in to an uphill loose turn, and out goes my front tire. It was a major WTF till I looked over the bike. I had a flat front tire. Explained the heavy feeling front, harsh suspension, and the consequent crash. Go figure that my crash had me planting my already jacked up elbow....directly into a rock.

As soon as I crashed, it absolutely knocked the wind out of me. Sure sign that I need to continue working out harder during the week. I unfortunately had to call it for the day, as my left side of my body was feeling roughed up, and I was in no mood to change a front tire that was coated in a heavy layer of mud.

My side wouldn't have gotten messed up at all had I of been wearing a pressure suit. I opted to try riding only a roost guard to help with airflow and keeping cooler. I'll now be looking to buy a better flowing pressure suit.

Today was spent relaxing at the in-laws pool. It was all relaxing until I jammed my toe up. So now I've got a hacked up arm, and a black n blue to. I got a 2 week break till I will be back on the bike. SHould be all healed up.

The damage:

I'll get some video up from the weekends riding. Wish I had the gopro on while I had the headon crash.

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