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Originally Posted by OConnor View Post
Had an opposing player commend me on my scouting tonight after I took out his scout then both his arty. That's a first for me as my 13-75 driving could use some work.
I had the very, very rare game yesterday where my 13 75 was in the top tier... lol. The opposing team didn't stand a chance.


Otherwise, I'm running into the politics of joining a clan. Sure, i like being nice to everyone, and saying "Hi," listening to mis-information and such about tanks in the game (usually by players who like to run, or wan to own, an E-100...), and what-not, but...

Being expected to platoon up with clan mates who don't know how to play isn't why I was so choosy about joining a clan in the first place. I really don't mind taking the same amount of time in a training room with them to help them progress, so it isn't that I don't want to help them...

But then there's the 'other' part... I'm not sure if this is a unique situation or what, but my clan is very good friends with another clan. We all use the same TeamSpeak channel, and twice now I've been given the login info for accounts that are in the other clan. Their problem, and what will be my clan's problem when we get into it, is one of having enough people online to fight in a clan war. I have no problem with using someone else's account, lol, but I really don't want to give up mine with the gold, the tier ten tanks, and various crews with training options that I don't really want noobs screwing with. But in the desperation of joining clan wars but then not having enough people, such is the situation we're being asked - that is, to volunteer our accounts when we're not online.

Am I being too selfish?
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