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Is anyone else having an issue with grooving on the wheel spacers? I have changed tires 3 times and each time I have rotated the spacers, but now I think I may need to buy another set for my next swap. The spacers are aluminum, and I am worried about premature bearing failure similar to the gs800s. I know some one is making steel spacers for the beemer guys, but I haven't seen anything on the tigers yet.
YUP. I was thinking I had gotten a small stone wedged in the seal lip, but maybe not. I plan on replacing seals as well as spacer the next chance I get. The seal does not seal all that well right now with the groove cut in the spacer. This seal is not the bearing seal, but the outer replaceable seal. Having some crud get in there would not be a disaster. Having a lot would be eventually.

I have 25,000 miles on it, but noticed at first tire change.
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