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Came across a guy stranded on the roadside one evening. I was in my car, He was standing next to an older BMW airhead. I stopped to see what was wrong. Out of gas. Angry at himself for having the petcock on reserve all the while so he'd screwed himself out of getting the last few miles to get to a station. His bike was set up like my own with one petcock on the left hand side. There was a ditch next to the road. I wheeled the bike parallel to and on the edge of the ditch and told him that between the two of us we were going to tip the one third of a gallon of gas remaining in the right tank saddle into the left. Besides being quicker and easier than scrounging around for a siphon tube of some sort or removing the tank and wrangling with the fuel lines it just felt more 'macgyver'. Not particularly brilliant but it worked and he'd never even realized that gas was in there. Got him back on the road and pretty surely to a station.
That's the Reserve Reserve, KLR riders know all about it
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