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About supertrapp

If you decide to put it on it is important to know how many disks are inside
Is it more “free” (with fewer disks) or not? And then you must re-tune the carb accordingly

And if necessary re - jet of course you must know what supertrapp you will put on
Quiet core?
Race Core
Quiet Race Core

And adjust accordingly ONLY THEN you will understand the difference not only in the sound but in acceleration and top speed...

Be aware IF someone will use the race core supertrapp the mixture if using 38 -145 and 1.5 turns is VERY POOR on gasoline the bike goes like hell in acceleration but… not very much gasoline

The start of the sweet point is between 2.5 and 3 turns & 1/4 of a turn

But re tune the carb is a pain in the @s$ believe me I know....
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