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So after riding in them for a bit, I'm starting to really like these boots. At first I was concerned because my skinny legs were swimming in the upper and my foot was borderline tight in the lower. A moto specific sock solved the skinny leg issue. The tightness at the foot was only felt when walking around, it went away when riding, because your foot backs up in the shoe as you bend it. It has also gotten more comfortable as the leather breaks in, tightness while walking is no longer an issue. Also it's very secure feeling, I'm glad I didn't get a boot with less protection.
My one gripe with the shoes are the buckles, they don't seem to want to stay in the plastic tooth that I set them in. The part that is sewn to the boot strap doesn't grip the tooth all that well (it wants to skip a tooth sometimes) which is disconcerting because you can't replace that piece... It's sewn to the boot. Hasn't been an issue yet (hopefully never will be), I'll just have to keep an eye on them.
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