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Day 2

Friday, June 1st
Total Milage ~ 350

From a riding standpoint, Day 2 was uneventful - but Dang It, I missed a couple of state signs.

I have never found driving through Saint Louis to be a lot of fun. Nothing against Saint Louis, but all of the mayhem at the river (converging roads, construction, traffic, etc.) all contribute to a bit of a mess. Therefore, I stupidly decided to up the ante and and go through during the morning rush hour. It sucked, but all went well. But in the process I missed the "Welcome to Missouri" sign. Oh the Humanity!

None the less, I schlepped through Missouri and entered into Kansas City while taking only one picture - again missing a state welcome sign

...then I did a little exploring.

It was fun to run through the neighborhood that I lived in all through elementary school, then I went WAY back on memory lane and drove by the home I came home from the hospital to (as a baby)

I thought the place looked remarkably good - especially for being over 50 years old. Around here (Atlanta metro) a home of that size, that was 50+ years old, would likely be in pretty poor shape. Humidity, growth, and urban sprawl have made many homes practically disposable.

Anyway, I am a cheap SOB and decided I would save a few bucks and not pay for the turnpike - opting to set the Garmin to avoid toll roads. It routed me via back-roads from KC to Topeka - and it took WAY longer to get there then it otherwise should have. It didn't matter, I was in no hurry.

I got to my sister's home around 3:00 and hung around with my nephew and his girlfriend for a few hours - and played with their puppy.

Later we went out for pizza and margaritas - enjoying getting caught up. It was a great night.

Hang in there. I know up to this point this RR has been a bit boring - but so was the riding. ...but it gets better real soon.
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