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Originally Posted by monks_point View Post
The real world difference between the efi and carbed Bonnie variants is the availability of after support for engine enhancements. The reliability is generally the same. I have a carbed Bonnie and bought it specifically for the carbs- makes it easier to tune yourself.

The only thing of caution regarding the Scrambler would be the suspension. It's horrendous (all stock Bonnie variants are lacking). The power is plenty enough though nothing like a super bike, which I'm assuming isn't a concern for you. Second to the suspension, is the truly awful seat- it gets damned uncomfortable after a 100 miles or so. Plan on spending about $100 to get the seat modified.
I used to feel the same way having owned a carbed Bonnie. Since picking up and working on my '12 efi Bonnie and tuning it with my laptop in 10 minutes, needles and jets can suck it in my book.
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